Tuesday, September 1, 2015

     The media likes to pretend it is accepting to trans people, yet not only
do they fail to mention the true reality of what trans means, there have been
virtually ZERO trans accepted into the entertainment business who were not
first closet case liars and transphobic cowards. Bralalalala of course is the exception,
but I've spent years in court fighting for justice, not conforming or waiting for it.
I'm not America's first award winning trans because I conformed and lied first!
I take a lot of pride in that and despise the "trans" you have heard of who surely
didn't take the righteous rock star path of Bralalalala.
       Of course the media is totally LGBT phobic on the whole with most all LGBT
you ever heard of in entertainment starting their careers as closet case liars! That's
why you know their names! Heroes? No! Villains!
       Glaad of course totally sucks as well. When the supervising art director of many
billion dollar films made libel sites about me and about being trans with his girlfriend,
they were nowhere to be found as well as the rest of the media. They refused to report
the director sexually assaulted me and lost trials totaling over $1 million. Well,
I prevailed as a strong victim despite the media that mocked me.
        I'm off to my first music release in a decade this year. It has taken so long
fighting these scummy patriarchs and sexist pigs. Bralalalala in concert..coming
soon to a theatre near you!